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Little Kitty

Happily Home – Foster Fail / New Name ‘Rowdy’


This little guy is so little he doesn’t even have a “real” name yet. For now, Selina is calling him “Little Kitty.”

Selina found this little guy hiding under a bush at a bank in town. She says, “I was actually across the street when I heard him crying (loudly)! I just couldn’t leave it. The vet thinks he is only 4-5 weeks old now but healthy. He tested neg for feline leukemia. He will stay with me for at least 3 more weeks. He’s very playful and loving. I’d like for him to be an inside cat. I have posted him on my local humane society’s page but I wanted to put him on here too, just in case. If I lived in a bigger house, I wouldn’t be trying to place him anywhere. I have 2 inside cats and a dog already. But, if I never find another home for him, he will have one where he is. Thank you.”

Think that you have the perfect home (and name) for “Little Kitty”?? Contact Selina at


AA Sylvia


As luck would have it, Kelly of FuRRR saw our post, and immediately sent us a message. She has a place in her rescue for Sylvia. She has a place in her heart for this beautiful, sweet and special girl. You can check out FuRRR’s page here:

FOLLOW Sylvia’s transport here:

5 years old

Sylvia’s story:
Sylvia needs to find a permanent home, preferably with other animals. She likes large dogs. I agreed to foster Sylvia for a woman going through a rough patch, but my cat hates her, and she is locked up all day in a room all by herself.
It is unlikely that the original owner will ever be able to get back on her feet, and she is willing to allow Sylvia to find a permanent home with a loving forever family who understands her particular issues.

Health of the cat:
Sylvia has extremely mild Cereballer Hypolasia*, she may have some issues with her vision although I think she sees fine (as a kitten she had eye issues). According to her original owner, she has occasional seizures that do not need to be treated.
She has some litter issues, and seems to prefer eliminating on puppy pads, but also uses a litter box.
She can not be an outdoor cat because of the CH and the vision problems.

Temperament of cat:
She is a very inquisitive, friendly, and social cat. In her previous home, the dog was her best friend, and she got along well with the other cats.
She is not a lap cat but she will allow herself to be held, especially if you are rubbing her face and nose.

*Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a disorder where the cerebellum of the brain has not fully formed. There are various causes such as bacterial or viral infections, feline panleukopenia, caused by feline parvovirus, but can also be caused by poisoning, injury or malnutrition. Some common symptoms are jerky movement, wobbly uncoordinated walking and head bobbing.

There is no cure for CH, it doesn’t get better but it doesn’t get worse. A kitten will learn to compensate for his/her condition and have a normal lifespan. These cats should not be allowed outside as they have no defense against predators.

To learn more about Cereballer Hypolasia, please follow the following link:

The White Family

DSCN2613 DSCN2561 DSCN2359 DSCN2365white-family-A white-family-B white-family-C white-family-DHappily Home – adopted

Marshmallow: pure white mom – young, maybe 1-2 years old
Snowball: pure white male kitten – 12 weeks
Abigail: white female (has 2 spots of grey hairs on top of head) – 12 weeks ADOPTED
Cloud: white female (has 2 spots of grey hairs on top of head) – 12 weeks
Coconut: white female (has 1 spots of grey hairs on top of head) – 12 weeks

This family was rescued from the Campbell Country Animal Shelter and they are being fostered in a home.

All are very healthy, they have never had any of the common ailments of shelter cats. Eyes are very bright, they have been de-wormed. Mom has been combo tested – negative. All  were fixed last week, had first shots, rabies vaccine.

These are very happy kittens. Mom is very regal (I think she has oriental in her) and loves to come lay by me and be petted. She is very quiet. Kittens are very quiet. They eat like little piglets and play, play, play, sleep, play, play, play, eat, play, sleep, play, play, play.

If any of these beautiful, snowy little babies or their mama catches you eye, please contact Nancy Cotton for Happy Paws Kitten Rescue at

Natasha, Pumpkin, Peaches, Monkey, Charlie Brown


Natasha and Peaches


Charlie Brown and Monkey


Charlie Brown


Natasha, Peaches and Pumpkin





Happily Home – adopted

Natasha: mom (appears to be under 1 year and not full grown yet), dark calico or tortoiseshell
Pumpkin: male orange kitten (large dark orange swirls in tabby color on sides), maybe 8-9 weeks
Peaches: female orange tabby kitten, maybe 8-9 weeks  ADOPTED
Monkey: male tabby, maybe 8-9 weeks ADOPTED
Charlie Brown: orange/white kitten (this one is not one of Natasha’s kittens. He was orphaned and given to Natasha. He is about 7 weeks old.) ADOPTED

All are very outgoing and happy kittens. They play well with each other and became fast friends with the “The White Family.”

Natasha is very quiet and sweet. She is developing a good personality and gets along well with all of the “white family” cats and lets the white kittens nurse if they want to. She is becoming friends with my 6 cats.

She and Marshmallow love to lay in my room with a double glass doors and just look outside and they look like they are meditating together.

All are very healthy and eat very well. None have gone through any of the ailments many shelter kittens/cats have. All are bright eyed, fat and playful.  They have also been dewormed, their first shots, and Natasha was combo tested (negative) and received her rabies.

All are still nursing some but are eating both soft and dry kitten food (except Charlie Brown is not eating dry food yet).

If you are interested in any of these lovely kitties, please contact Nancy Cotton for Happy Paws Kitten Rescue, Knoxville, TN at

Addy and Ginger

Happily Home – adopted

Meet Addy and Ginger.  These beauties need a home QUICKLY!  They are currently located outside of Baltimore, MD Addy-and-Ginger-collage Their foster mom Noni has this to say: I helped trap (not my thing) and have fostered since Aug (not my thing) plus paid for all vetting.  Here is their story: Mother Chloe was abandoned outdoors by a family when they moved, she was not spayed which resulted in a litter. THREE of the litter have been successfully adopted and I have the last 2. Addy & Ginger are bonded sisters and we would love to see that they remain together. Ginger is extremely protective of her sister. In fact, had she not alerted people, Addy would be dead instead of being rushed to an ER Vet, which is when I stepped in. Health and temperament: No special needs other than continued patience. Fully vetted: FeLV/FIV NEG, spayed, micro-chipped & UTD all shots. Litter-box trained too.  NEVER have they been aggressive…no hissing, no biting, no growling, no swatting…just still learning to trust people. They ignore my senior cat (who wants to attck them) and like my Choc Lab. Ginger is a Gorgeous Calico with Green Eyes & she will gladly sleep next to me . Addy is a Beautiful Tabby (perhaps Mackerel) and LOVES to have you pet her belly. Neither can be held…yet! You can pick-up and set onto the sofa or bed next to you and they will stay for loving but then jump down. New noises still scare them and momentarily they will hide under the bed but come back out quickly.

If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact Noni at 443.742.9499 or email


Imagine Home’s Month of Gratitude, Day 13

Mac and Cheezits 

Gratitude from some friends, regarding:

macaroni and cheezits then


Nice to hear from you all! All the kittens have been adopted, but Macaroni is still here, dealing with health issues. I’ve attached some pictures I think you’ll enjoy, mainly taken in our outdoor “Cat Gym”, which they get to through the open window. The one of Macaroni (who really needs a new name, but hasn’t decided on one yet!) where she looks like a statue of a head and front leg resting on a shelf really startles people, until they see the next one, which includes her body!
When she arrived, she was in terrible pain and peeing blood from a bladder problem, and it affected her mood and behavior in many ways. It took a round of antibiotics which helped but didn’t completely clear it up, then a UA and culture which showed crystals and bacteria, a second round of a different antibiotic which helped more but she was still in pain and peeing blood, a second UA which showed no evidence of infection remaining but crystals, two xrays to see if she had bladder stones (two tiny ones) which she passed with in a few weeks of treatment, a third xray to confirm this, and a special diet which she remains on. She is still not relaxed about having her hind end touched, and may need more tests and /or treatment in a month or so….
The female grey tiger kitten was adopted by a lovely family, and the two orange boys were adopted by the son of a client of mine, who missed his family cats now that he has his own place.
The fourth kitten, incorrectly listed as a boy, “Mickey”, was only about 4 weeks old, eyes just opening when she arrived. My 9 year old daughter Mali re-named her Mishell, and helped nurse her to health. (She had upper respiratory, including runny eyes and nose, fever, diarrhea, etc.)In the process of caring for her, we all became very attached…she has a special personality, and decided to adopt us!
My husband and I each have a cat trained to stay up on our shoulders when we do events with the animals, and my daughter now has her own, too! In addition to basic commands Mali has also taught Mishell some tricks – my favorite is “dead kitty”: Mali holds her on her back, says, “Oh, the poor dead kitty,”, and Mishell goes limp until her head, tail, and all four legs are hanging down to the floor! She’ll remain that way now for about a minute, until Mali says, “Re-animate!!” and Mishell sits up in her hands.
At our house, life is never dull!!

mac and cheezits now


SammyADOPTED!!! Sammy found a home locally to call his own.

Michelle says: We took in a pregnant stray back in April with the intention of getting all of the kittens adopted out. All are currently spoken for, except for little Sammy. As we live in a one-bedroom apartment we are unable to keep him no matter how much we wish we could. He’s such a sweetheart… very gentle, quiet, and usually stays to himself when resting. He plays just fine with the others, but tends to sleep by himself. We would really like to get him adopted out ASAP, as he is now 11 weeks old. We’re going on a long-weekend for the 4th of July and were hoping for them all to have new homes by then. We are traveling from Jonesboro, AR to South Bend, IN on July 3rd and can take him to an adopter along that route. We want him to go to a GOOD home where he’ll receive as much love and care as he is used to receiving. Can’t resist this handsome face? Contact Michelle at 870-819-5815 and get the process started to get Sammy HOME to you!!

Abby and Winston




1/3/13 – WILSON, NC
Becky rescued these four beautiful black babies from a two feral moms, got both moms fixed and re-released and brought these kittens home to socialize them.

Whew! My last six rescues all got adopted easily but it has taken a little longer to get these to be held and loving and trusting of humans. They are all fel. lk. negative, all been spayed and neutered and had rabies shots. Becky believes they are about 5 months old at this point.

This little beauty is ABBY. Becky says, “Abby is my proudest accomplishment. She was the MOST feisty feral kitten of all. Hissing and spitting at me from day one, the last to be held, but I finally won her over and she is a doll now.”

Do you think you could also win Abby over? If so, contact Becky at



This handsome man is WINSTON. According to Becky “Winston, my only male is handsome, regal, sometimes a little rough with the girls but he wants to play harder because he is bigger. He has the most beautiful green eyes!!”

How would you like to add this playful little man to your home? Contact Becky at


Shadow2UPDATE! Foster fail! Shadow was adopted by her foster mother.

Meet Shadow! Shadow is about 4 1/2 months old and is another kitty who is being fostered by Heather. Heather says ” Shadow is a sweet little girl looking for a nice home with someone who would prefer an independent cat. A stray who followed her brother to a barn in the chill of winter, she’s hesitant to trust people, but once she knows you’re okay opens up and will purr happily in your presence. She is incredibly anxious about being petted, so she would best be suited in a home with someone who is content to let her take her time coming out of her shell and has the patience to work with her as she learns how to be social. She is incredibly friendly and once feeling safe will come out to explore and play and relax in the open. She plays well with other cats and likes to climb. This little sweetheart will be a great addition to a quiet home” If you think you can help Shadow come out of her shell, contact Heather at — in Ithaca, NY.

Bastian and Felise



UPDATE! ADOPTED TOGETHER Sharing saved them together.

Bastian was abandoned at a vet’s in eastern Pennsylvania and instead of putting him down the vet put out a rescue call. He made his way to Heather through another rescuer and now is looking for a forever home. Heather says “He’s timid at first but once he’s gotten to know you, you’ll have a buddy for life. A lap cat at heart, he’ll climb on your back, curl up on your chest and even flop down into the crook of your arm and let you rub his belly. He can best be described as a clumsy teenager who loves to climb. He has a habit of jumping up on counters that we’re working on. He’s missing the tip of his left ear, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. He’s an incredibly lovable little man who will do well alone, but plays well with others. He’s not shy about climbing into bed and snuggling with you while you sleep. He’s just a handsome man looking for a warm, quiet home and someone to love him.”

Do you think you’re the person who can love Bastian? If so, contact Heather at to ask about bringing Bastian home to live with you!! — in Ithaca, NY.



Felise is the third of Heather’s foster kitties. She is about three years old and Heather says “Felise is a former barn cat looking for a nice warm home year-round. A long-haired cuddle bug, she loves to relax in sunbeams and get pets and snuggles. She purrs frequently when being pet and will even roll over on her back and let you rub her belly. A good mix of independent and attention-seeking, she’ll do well as a solo cat or with a few others. Because she’s a great indoor cat, but because she’s been a barn cat would like do well as an indoor/outdoor cat. She’s just looking for a warm place to sleep and someone sweet to cuddle with.

Can you help Felise? If so, contact Heather at — in Ithaca, NY.


BrooklynADOPTED! With many thanks!

12/18/12 – BROOKLYN –
Currently in Centerville, VA but transport can be arranged

Tony writes: Friends I have a special plea. There is a kitty named Brooklyn who needs your help. Brooklyn is an an owner surrender kitty that has no where to go. The no kill shelters don’t have room for him at this time. If you or one of your friends would be willing to foster him until he could find a no kill shelter, long term foster or a forever home please contact me if you or someone you know can help. Brooklyn is in Centerville Virginia. The non kill shelters are full here. If you have any ideas please let me know. You can contact Tony directly at:


RosieADOPTED! With many thanks!

MEET ROSIE. She is currently in Stockton, MO with her “sister” Sissy. Their current caretaker was notified recently that she has 4 weeks to move as the landlord sold the house. She is about 4 months old and she just showed up at Tawnya’s house one day. She is skittish, but Tawnya says she’s been holding her and taming her down and that once caught she likes to be held. She is currently not spayed, but wormed and frontlined. The best ways to reach Tawnya are either by cell phone 816 590 6139 or email


SissyADOPTED! With many thanks!

MEET ROSIE’S “SISTER” SISSY. Sissy is also in Stockton, MO with Tawnya. Their current caretaker was notified recently that she has 4 weeks to move as the landlord sold the house. The best ways to reach Tawnya are either by cell phone 816 590 6139 or email have that need a home. i was notified today that i have 4 weeks to move as the guy sold this house. Sissy was rescued by Tawyna with her brother (he’s already found a new home). She is 7 months old, also not spayed, but has been frontlined and wormed. Sissy is very sweet, tame and loveable. The best ways to reach Tawnya are either by cell phone 816 590 6139 or email

Big Fuff

BigFuffADOPTED! Many thanks!

This is Big Fuff. He needs his forever home as soon as possible. He is currently in Pittsburgh but transport can be arranged. He will be neutered in two weeks, then he needs to find his home. Please share as much as you can!! *dlc*