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Imagine Home presents a collection of kitties that Imagine Homes, could one of them be your new kitty?

Potential Adopters, please note that the pets featured in this album are not the property of Imagine Home. We network the pictures and contact information, only.

If you are unable to contact the person with the kitty via email, please email us at BekBek has contact numbers on file.

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Also, we invite you to read this post about foster cats, Focus on Fosters: the Forgotten:

Foster-PoemExcerpt: “Many foster animals fall through the cracks and don’t get the exposure they need to find the perfect loving home for them.  These animals (IMO) are the ones who should be networked more rigorously.  How many times do you hear “All fosters are full”?  Does it occur to you that if more people adopted from foster care, then the more those fosters can rescue and socialize another kitty to be your next family member.” (Read full post.)