Upcoming Transports
Click here to see if you can help with a transport coming through your area!

Required Reading for All Drivers
We expect our drivers to comply with our safety rules. Kitty and driver safety is our first concern. Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures before signing up for transports.

Join Our Driver Database
Sometimes love knows no distance when a kitty chooses their new home, or when a person falls in love with a kitty. Sometimes kitties get stranded and need help getting back home. We provide relay coordination transport to gets these precious animals home. When you sign up as a transporter, you will be contacted if a driver is needed in your area. You are under no obligation to say yes, and we will never share your information to others without your permission.

Join Our Foster Database
Do you have an extra room? Can you help a kitty for a day, a week. or a month? Please sign up to be a foster. Sometimes it means the difference between life and death for a kitty.

Join Our Rescue Database
If you are a reputable rescue, and would be willing to work with Imagine Home to pull animals, foster through your organization until transport, and/or provide home checks for potential adopters in your area, we’d love to have you register with us. Your organization listing will remain private. If we need your help, we will reach out to you directly.