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Piglet (aka Piggie)



At a very tender age of only a few weeks, Piglet came into Noelle’s life, along with her sister Muskrat, and Momma kitty, TV. Piglet, more commonly known as Piggie, was like a tiny copy of her mother, so adorable.

Knowing Noelle and Mike as I do, I know that Piggie was well cared for, and pampered for all of her 16 years.

She loved to nap on Noelle’s lap and arms, effectively immobilizing her, the look on her face clearly saying ‘those other kitties must wait, for I need loving!’

Piglet will always own a place in Noelle’s heart, if not on her lap. Run free, sweet Piggy, with your momma and your sister.



PP Quirky

Quirky’s legacy is to educate people about adopting blind kittens & cats, because they are so loving and trusting. You can help, by sharing his story!

Quirky the Blind Kitten was adopted when he was only 5 weeks old and blind, by Frank and Vicky Giannangelo on San Juan Island, WA, on Aug. 2013.

Quirky lived a pretty normal life… He played, ate, and used the litter box just like other kitties. Except that he was way more loving and trusting. He was found in the woods with his sisters near the San Juan Island dump and brought to the local shelter. He was almost put to sleep because he was blind, either from birth or some trauma, and had head shakes. He had outgrown most of the head shaking, but when he was intent on something, we noticed a little quivering. Even though we were advised by a vet not to adopt him, we were already in love, and adopted him anyway. That was the best decision we ever made. He was a pure, loving and trusting little bundle of joy.

He was a very playful happy kitty and really navigated well, he ran his ears along a wall until he knew where the doors and walls were. Sometimes he ran into a wall at full speed when he was playing with another kitty, or running around too fast. He quickly learned to be more careful. He used the litter box right away, but did not know he was supposed to lick his furs or his hind end so we gave him little wipes now and then. Sometimes he missed the box, but always tried to get in it. Charlie Truble took over and gave him baths and was best friend.

He had 6 other kitty fur mates: TeeNee – a foster failure 4 months old, Charlie Truble 2 years old, TrotTrot 5 years old, and Market, Fluff Fluff, and McPuppy – who were 14-15 years old. He also had 2 dogie mates that were about 15. TeeNee also became his best friend and Quirky helped to take care of him as a baby kitten, as did Charlie Truble.

Quirky wanted to bring awareness that blind kittens are great to adopt, they quickly adapt to their world, and that no one should hesitate to adopt one if they fall in love. He also wanted to promote TNR and spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted kittens because so many never find homes!

Quirky suddenly passed away on May 23, 2015 on the morning of his 22nd month old birthday. For some unknown reason, he became increasingly afraid of his world. He started cowering and yowling at nothing. Usually we could just pick him up and hold him and he would calm down. On the last morning he woke up at 2 am, terrified and could not be calmed. We put him in his bed, and in the morning he was gone.

He wanted this to be his legacy: That you should not be afraid to adopt blind, special needs kitties. They make amazing pets. Quirky was the most loving kitty, full of trust, smart, and we loved him so much in return.

Quirky’s facebook page:

You can watch him grow up: all his videos are here from 5 weeks old:


PP Chloe

Time is too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice,
But for those who love, time is
    ~Henry Van Dyke
Chloe was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina, by Goathouse Refuge, in October 2014. Foster daddy Jeff Emmons, took care of Chloe while she got healthy, giving Imagine Home time to arrange transport in November of 2014. Chloe was a loving and cute little monkey, who made all who met her want to keep her! She had such a great personality, everyone that came into contact with her fell in love with her! Chloe recently went to the Rainbow Bridge, to wait for Charlene, who showered Chloe with love, and went above and beyond where most humans would go, in her attempt to save Chloe.
Chloe’s story, in her mama’s words: “The last two weeks Chloe has been having vestibular problems, balance issues, seizure like movements, head tilt, decreased activity and enlarged eyes. After two emergency vet vists, and seeing my regular veterinarian, it was decided that she needed to see a specialist. I took Chloe to Michigan State University Veterinary Small Animal Hospital on Sunday April 5, 2014. It was decided that she would need Neuroligical and Dermatology consultation and possible CT Scan to the ears, and MRI to the brain to rule out brain tumor or fungus. I knew that testing and treatment would be expensive. I decided to do all I could to find out what was wrong. CT scan showed the ears looked good. No problems with eardrum or infection.”
“The MRI test results were not good. We thought maybe this was an ear problem, but what we found out was that Chloe had a very aggressive fungus in her brain that look like a tumor. This fungus ate it’s way throught the skull into the sinus’s and into the surrounding eye’s. This was detected with the MRI. The prognosis was not good with no treatment options… We went today, and Chloe died in my arms. I watched her body go lifeless. I cried and cried. It was a hard decision, but I did not have any other. This precious little girl is gone, and I have a hole in my heart and life. I had to make some hard decisions.”
“Chloe, I love you, and I will see you again someday. I hope you have your little heated cat bed in heaven and please wait for me. Know that I will think of you often. Miss you and love you, Mom.”

Madeline Patches

PP Madeline

A little about Madeline Patches, from Edna.

Rest In Peace sweet, lovely Madeline Patches (Madeline: Patches on My Heart). Madeline was rescued from euthanasia 3 years ago at age 14 years old (the family decided they didn’t want to keep her). She languished in a shelter, depressed and scared, until she found a home at Redemption For Animals Sanctuary in Oklahoma.

While waiting for transport, she stayed with me in my upstairs guest room. She hid under the bed, and then in the closet for 3 weeks, but when I could drag her out, she would lay on my chest and purr and drool. She was the sweetest kitty ever. I felt that she would do better here with me where I could keep her in the office, away from the other cats, of whom she was frighted (she’d been declawed by her previous owner(s)). She eventually came out of hiding, and had a good life of snuggling with mommy and watching birdies and squirrels outside her bedroom window, while lounging on the built-in daybed. She always greeted me with love & purrs. When snuggling, she’d inevitably throw a leg in the air, exposing her sweet pudgy belly for me to rub.

From the first weeks and months I had her, I’d tell her how much I loved her and I’d cry, thinking “How could ANYONE have not wanted such a LOVE. How could they have abandoned such a sweet baby. All she wants is love.”

She did have a problems with digestion, but once we figured out that Fancy Feast classic chicken was what she could eat (and about the only thing wet that she could eat), we did well.

Just a few months ago, I noticed the first signs of kidney disease in her. (Drinking a lot and peeing a lot along with constipation and some nausea – so not eating). Once my other renal failure kitty passed, I moved Madeline Patches down into my bedroom where I could love on her, watch her more closely, and give fluids and meds more easily. That was only a month ago. She did well until last week, then each day declined more quickly.

Yesterday and last night it became obvious that she was suffering. She had no energy or muscle strength left to walk. I drew her close with water and food next to her in my bed and I snuggled her all night. This morning we went in to Medlock Bridge Animal Hospital and saw our wonderful Dr.Tina Miletello Ballon. Fortunately, Noelle Hayward was there to greet us and usher us in with love and tissues. They took wonderful care of both of us.

It is never easy to lose a beloved pet; and even in their suffering, I think many of us will still ask “Am I doing the right thing.” Dr. Ballon went over labs we drew yesterday when there and poor Madeline’s kidney labs were through the roof. It was definitely end stage and she was suffering. It was time and she is now running, claws once again intact, no pain, no arthritis, no fear. Frolicking and playing with all the sweet kitties and puppies who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge before her.

Thank you to Sparrow Marcioni for saving her and Connee Robertson Osh for offering her a home and sanctuary.

I will love you always, my sweet beautiful baby girl!


PP Rocky

A few words from Rocky’s human Daddy:

I was coming out of work on night, and I heard a pathetic meow. I looked around, and saw a box. Little did I know my life was about to change.

I brought the kitten home, and he layed on my lap and relaxed. I later took him upstairs with me, to bed. On tv that night, we watched Rocky, hence the name.
He was incredibly loyal, and he knew my moods. He was always there if I had a cold, or a headache. Rock got me through some bad times, with a divorce and everything that goes with it. I honestly believe he loved me.
He started getting UTIs… Our vet said it would only get worse. I decided to give him a proper passing, one without pain, without suffering.
He let hold his paw. He looked at me as if to say ‘See you later’. I called a friend and I cried and cried.
He’s buried outside by the tree, with a stone over him.
Rocky, you were a once in a lifetime cat. I hope to see you again. Love you buddy.


PP Lea

Lea was the only cat that actually chose me.

I was in an adoption center looking at someone else, when the volunteer saw her standing up
with her front paws through the cage, reaching in my direction, and she said ” Excuse me, but I
think Lea wants to meet you, would you mind?” Not thinking much of it, I said sure. She opened
the cage, Lea climbed into my arms, licked my eyelid and went to rest on my shoulder. She was
about 8 months old. We were inseparable for the next 12 years.

In January of 2014, she started slimming, and just wasn’t herself, so I took her to the vet and
learned she had kidney disease, her levels were pretty high. I bought an IV pole and gave her
sub q fluids at home, she did good for about a month, but then one morning, she woke up with
me, got down to use the litterbox and her back legs gave out on her. I picked her up thinking she
slipped, but an hour later she was walking and it happened again, this time she wet herself and
cried out. I started bawling, wrapped her in a towel and raced to my vet. I refused to let her go
through another moment like that, and my vet agreed. I had to let her go to the Rainbow
Bridge. My heart has been broken ever since. Lea was the love my life, my tiny soulmate and
the way I met her is my favorite story to share.


PP Sam

“My husband Dan, brought Sam back from Summersville, WV in 2005 where he was
vacationing at a cabin site. Sam was dumped there as a kitten, and the maintenance man was taking care of him or feeding him. I was at home dealing with a CH Himalayan at the
emergency vet who I rescued from a mill. Unfortunately, Sugar Pie didn’t make it through the
night. My husband thought that by bringing Sam home with him, it would help me to heal. But Dan is the one who fell deeply for Sam, and misses him just as much, if not more. Sam used to come up to Dan at the cabin site, as soon as he got out of his car, and rub up against his legs. While there, Dan would call to him each day, and Sam would talk back to him while coming out of the woods. On the drive back home from the cabin site, Sam settled into the car with no problem, as if he knew he was finally going home and no longer Imaging Home.

I always talked to Sam, and would say “your just a little boy” because he thought he was kind of a macho guy, but I saw through that. Sam was an indoor/outdoor guy who felt at home in the woods around our house for much of the day. Probably since he spent a lot of time in the woods at the vacation cabin. And though he was king of the woods, he was also a lovebug.We had nine wonderful years with our Sam. The end came too quickly, and filled us with regrets.

Now you’re with Sequoia, Lu Lu, Sugar Pie, and the others, chasing squirrels again, at the
bridge, in the warm sun. We love and miss you dearly and will see you all again one day.
Much love, Mom and Dad”



My namesake, PK.
Soul kitty and companion, he was an inspiration to me in many ways. He dried many tears, and got me through some rough times in the 20+ years that he owned me.

I will miss him always, and am so grateful that he chose me. I would do it all over again. He is young again now, and has joined my husband, who found him in our backyard as a kitten, in what has been a lifetime ago. He used to watch the dog show with my husband on Sundays, while I slept in. He used to steal food out of my plate if I was not careful.
Miss you PK.


PP Tippi

A few words from Tippi’s mama: Tippi was one of the most gentle and loving kitties… She never complained about having shots twice a day (it hurt me worse). She lost her battle with diabeties after just one short year. She fought so hard…

She will be always in my heart, and missed each and every day. She left behind a beautiful gift, though, her daughter.


Donna's BooBoo

Boo-Boo was love at first sight for Imagine Home recruiter Donna, back in 2012.

He reached out of the computer screen, grabbed her heart, and made it his.
Many miles were driven by many of us here, to bring Boo-Boo to Donna from Louisiana, back in the olden days, along with new bro-fur, Sky. He knew nothing but love for rest of his life, and while that was the plan all along, it went by far too quickly.

Run free, Beautiful Boo-Boo.



HardRock had a particularly hard beginning, badly abused and severely ill. He learned what love and security mean when he was rescued. He needed surgery and a time and place to heal. He lay in his Daddy’s arms while he recovered and became his Mommy’s disco partner once he did. Cancer sneaked up on HardRock in the end and he passed quickly while his Mommy and Daddy prayed for him and fought for his life as they once had when he came into their lives and into their hearts. His journey to the Bridge has left a huge and aching hole in it’s wake. Let’s celebrate the life full of love and tenderness that he knew even as we grieve.



Imagine Home admin and HR director Christine, is a most amazing woman. She saves lives all the time. Sometimes it is in her capacity as a doctor, sometimes it is in her capacity as a friend (she’s a good one!), and of course, in her capacity as a rescuer.

She and her son Evan drove hundreds of miles to rescue Lillian and her newborn kittens. She refused to let distance be a barrier between Lillian and a loving home in which her kittens could be raised. She refused to allow Lillian’s FIP+ status keep Lillian from knowing a loving home. And Lillian did know love, from that day forward.

In Christine’s care, Lillian knew a love and home life that she never knew existed. When she went to the bridge, she was able to do so knowing that she was loved very much, and that she was leaving her babies in the best of hands. She had chosen her human wisely.

Run free, little one, you did good.